Lectures and Workshops

Lectures and Workshops

In addition to welcoming visitors to the Machon to get an upfront and personal view of our scribes at work repairing Torah scrolls, Rabbi Goldstein is a sought after lecturer for both adult education classes and school groups. 

Rabbi Goldstein introduces elementary school age children in both the religious and secular streams to the Torah scroll and the synagogue (for many secular children this is their first exposure to a synagogue and a Torah!).


Older children are taught the intricacies involved in writing a Torah and are given the opportunity of trying out their own skills when it comes to putting quill to parchment. 

When lecturing to adults Rabbi Goldstein addresses the many halachic issues involved in both writing and reading a Torah through the analysis of responsa literature written through the ages.

When travelling abroad to inspect and repair Torah scrolls Rabbi Goldstein is happy to add to his schedule any of the educational possibilities described above.