Machon Ot

Machon Ot is the world’s leading authority in Torah scroll repair, restoration and maintenance as well as other ritual objects such as tefillin and mezuzot.

Founded in 1986 by Rabbis Yitzchak Steiner z”l and Yitzchak Goldstein, recognized experts in Torah evaluation and restoration, Machon Ot has introduced innovations in Torah preservation and identification. Located in Jerusalem, Machon Ot, a non-profit organization, has also developed a computerized technique of Torah scroll registration and identification recognized and endorsed by police forces around the world.

Rabbi Goldstein, director of Machon Ot, studied in the Sha’alvim hesder yeshivah and served as an officer in the armored corps of the Israel Defense Forces. He is a world-reknown expert in identifying the age of a Torah scroll, its place of origin and its value as well as its physical and halachic status. The Machon works in partnership with Israel’s National Library in documenting ancient and unique Torah scrolls. The data base of the Machon currently consists of a registry of upwards of 15,000 Torah scrolls from Israel, Europe, South Africa and the United States, all specially coded against theft.


Migdal, Menorah and the Phoenix are just some of Israel’s insurance companies which accept the Machon’s valuation of Torah scrolls. Amongst the Machon’s clients are Holland’s Jewish Museum and Portuguese synagogue, the Jewish communities of Finland and Stockholm, the IDF, the American army, Israel’s National Library, the Israel and New York police forces, and many, many others.

Thanks to Machon Ot hundreds of Torah scrolls have been rescued and restored to synagogue use.