Torah writing

Did You Ever Wonder How a Torah is Written?

Did you know that a Torah consists of 304,805 letters?

Did you know that each letter has about twenty halachic requirements which must be taken into account when writing a Torah?

Did you know that it takes a scribe who writes five hours a day an entire year to write a Torah from beginning to end? (Why only 5 hours a day? Because of the intense level of concentration and focus that is required.)

Did you know that the quill used to write a Torah usually comes from a turkey but that it may come from any kosher bird?

Did you know that the parchment upon which a Torah is written comes from the skin of a kosher animal but that no animal is ever slaughtered for the purpose of writing a Torah?

Did you know that the ink used for writing a Torah is comprised of three natural ingredients which, when boiled together under specific conditions produce the “black as a raven” color which the halachah requires?

Did you know that a Torah is not divided into verses or chapters, nor are the vowels and musical notes (trop) found in the Torah? The only separations that are found in a Torah are those between each of the Torah’s five books and the spaces indicating “open” and “closed” portions.  

Did you know that the rollers to which an Ashkenazi Torah is attached are called “Atzei Chaiim” (trees of life)? 

Did you know that……this is only the tip of the iceberg!! There is so much more to learn!!!!!